Custom Made Pigeon Traps

Live Skunk Trapping will custom make pigeon traps to fit any dimensions requested. Purchasing traps is recommended in areas of high pigeon population. Professional Pigeon exclusion takes time and persistence, following these steps will make for effective pigeon trapping and removal. Call us anytime for pricing 877-724-5314

raccoon in a cage. raccoon in a cage.
  1. First purchase the traps
  2. You will need to place the traps where the birds perch, try to keep them out of the sun. Birds do not have a heightened sense smell so it is important to leave the bait cups in clear sight for them. (Pigeons should walk into the baited traps immediately, however our experience has shown that to make an instant dent in the population, pigeons should be trained to feed and drink from the trap before they all will feel sage to enter. To trap like the professionals continue to step 4, for the quick fix move to step 6).
  3. For the first three weeks you will want to leave the trap doors open while seeding and watering the bait cups weekly.
  4. On the fourth week, once you have added fresh seed and water close the trap doors.
  5. Return within the week to remove the trapped birds, then reseed and water the bait cups.
  6. Because birds can fly hundreds of miles with a keen sense of memory you will want to have the trapped birds euthanized.

If any part of the process seems overwhelming, leave it up to the professionals at Live Skunk Trapping

pigeons in a cage.

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